Ignacio Agramonte Laynaz (1841-1873)

Born in the town which bears his name, Agramonte”, Province of Camaguey.

Agramonte was a Cuban revolutionary who organized and commanded the most courageous guerrillas of the Mambises during the Ten Year War. Agramonte studied law in Barcelona, Spain, but returned to Cuba in time to play a pivotal role in the uprising of the province of Camagüey.

His most significant gesture was to abduct and liberate his Commander, General Julio Sanguily, who was the most important figure in the revolution, right from the hands of the Spaniards. He was able to rescue Sanguily from 120 trained Spanish light cavalry with only 35 exhausted troops. Agramonte was so feared by the Spaniards, that their Spanish songs (coplas) were written about him. one song ended by saying: “…and the corpse was burned because ‘the dead man’ frightened the soldiers of the King.”

Ignacio Agramonte was killed during the Battle of Jimaguayú (May 11, 1873) by a stray bullet to the head. His body was cremated by the Spanish in Camagüey fearing his troops would return to assault the city in attempts of recovering his body.

-Daisy Barrera and Esteban Perez