Calixto García Iñiguez (1839-1898)

Born in the city of Holguín, Province of Oriente.

Brigadier General of the invasion forces. When asked by a collegue”Were you to be taken by the Spaniards, would you allow them to imprison you?” He replied: “My revolver has six bullets… five for the enemy and one to take my own life.”

García went into exile at the end of the Ten Year War and was preparing for the second war effort. He died of pneumonia in Washington, D.C. while on a diplomatic mission. A major statue was erected on the Malecón.

The essay “A Message to García ” written by Elbert Hubbard relates to a US Intelligence Officer’s difficult experience in establishing contact with García early in the Spanish-American war.

-Daisy Barrera and Esteban Perez